What is a baby shower party | How to plan a party | Babyshower ideas

Baby shower meaning 


It is basically a party which is celebrated for a new mother to welcome the expected birth of a baby. This party’s also a opoturnity for family and friends to help the new parents get everything they need - parenting tips . Then, the important thing is how to make ideas and run with it.

When to have a baby shower


But it can get confusing as to when it’s the ideal time to give a banquet. Most people agree that a baby shower should be thrown at any time approximately 4 to 6 weeks before the baby is born. There are several factors including time of year, invited guests,a traditional party or virtual party and definitely the host’s preference for the date and time. After all, you will start preparing a unique party step by step.

Baby shower ideas


Traditionally, one of the required things is choosing who is the host in honour of the new mother or herself. Instead, family members and friends will come together and plan the celebration. Ultimately, the spirit of a celebration is to “shower” mom and baby with gifts and love. 

If it is the first time you become an expectant mother without experience to make a plan, it’s entirely acceptable to approach a family member or a close friend and ask their help.This is a chance for them to show you and the baby love and affection.

During the preparation process, you can write down the most common planning questions firstly. Some main topics are related to baby shower venues, food, decoration, games, gifts, etc,.

Baby shower invitations


Normally the guest list for each baby is particular. the expectant parents’ close family members and friends are generally invited. However, the guest list could be changed if that mom would prefer to invite someone else or keep some persons off the list. The planners should ask the mother’s opinion before sending out any invitations.

In the past, baby showers were an all-female affair but co-ed baby showers have gained popularity in recent days. Pregnancy and birth were taboo topics that were only meant to be discussed amongst women; however, it has become increasingly acceptable - and expected - for dads to be more involved. The expectant parents will decide to have an all-female or co-ed baby shower guest list.

Baby shower venues


Firstly, the planner must know how many guests are invited and decide to select the right venues from that point. It’s possible to hold it in a home if you’re having a small party. This could be the planner’s house or the new parents’ house. The party is celebrated in homes giving the celebration a sense of cosy and comfort for the guest. There just has a biggest downside that is the unavoidable after-the-party mess. Cleaning up the entire space can take much time so the host should ask if someone should stay behind to help with the cleanup or hire the residential cleaning service.

In addition, there are many other places to have a baby shower. These could include community centers, tea rooms, restaurants, parks, hotels, or clubhouses. You can search to look for popular venues near you if this is a large party. And apart from avoiding a cleanup situation, choosing the right venue for the shower is essential.

How to hold baby shower


The time flies when you're pregnant! Baby showers are a way for the expectant mom to be relaxed, fun, happy and playful. The feeling of the new mother should be protected and taken care of her soul. The mother needs more attention from family and her besties. There won’t be another chance like that again so a joyful party is necessary at that time. Even though she doesn’t regularly plan her own baby shower, it’s very good to ask for her impression and feeling on the activities that are being planned.

These are some of the most crucial things to keep in mind while planning baby shower party:


Games: The best games bring all people comfortable and foremost fun. After that, what is the main point of playing if it is to? Moreover, it must completely focus on the baby, the mom-to-be and the guests as well. Somehow, everyone is able to connect with others. Finally, the prize for the winner is indispensable. The games: Who Know Mommy Best or Unscramble, etc, are recommended.


Food: The planner can choose finger food or buffet to throw the party at home. Another option is that you can ask the guests to contribute their food they like, and then everybody will share the food together. If you have the baby shower at a restaurant, you can discuss the menu with the guest first and request a budget for each venue. You can book the entire venue or make a reservation for a few tables depending on the number of guests. One needed thing is a celebration cake.


Favors: Don’t forget about return gifts for guests! Cookies, candies, message cards or other small items are very pretty to say thank you every person for joining.


Gifts: Each guest can bring their own present - toys, baby clothes, and diapers are popular gifts for the baby. And you can give the mother some gifts too, such as cosmetics, casual clothes, accessories, scented candles, or even some makeup stuff. 

Decorations: The planner should find out about the expectant parents’ taste before choosing concept, theme, main colors to decorate. A great idea is using simple supplies and DIY crafts that makes the party interesting.

Baby shower etiquette


There are a lot of rules for baby shower etiquette, but you’re not expected to follow them if you don’t want to. For example, the first baby used to be held at a baby shower party, the next babies are unnecessary to celebrate. On the other hand, the expectant moms can throw their own celebrations on the different occasions they'd like to show.  


At the end of the day, the biggest thing of this party is to bring joy, love, meaningful gifts and good wishes to the expectant parents. A baby shower is a wonderful way to spend time surrounded by loved ones before welcoming the baby.