Baby’s bathtime is regarded as a hard duration for most moms. How to get the baby clean from top to toe while she/he transforms into a squirming, slippery mess? Or, to some babies who feel bored, even scared of bathing, the bathtime becomes more awful.
In particular, in the summer that bathing is more frequent, how to deal with this problem every day?
An intelligent solution is giving your baby some attractive bath toys which attract his/her attention then the bath time will be easier and enjoyable for both.

Here, we’ve rounded up a collection of some of the best bath toys in this summer 2021:

  • Electric bath toys 2in1 options spray with shower head

This is an emerging bath toy for baby but quickly becomes one of the best sellers in the bath toys field these days.
This can be called a novelty 2in1 bath toy for baby when combining a traditional spray water bath toy with a faucet. There are 3 changeable little ducks with 3 different spray methods: spinning ducks, duck fountains, duck drainage. Switch on the cartoon boat, it will automatically move in the water. Put on the spinning duck, it spins and sprays the water. With a duck fountain, the duck’s head will turn into a fountain. Place on the duck drainage, the little duck will spray water on each side. It’s special that there is an extra faucet which can be put and used for bathing. Safe material for baby, subtle bath toys with no burrs. The baby’s time has never been easy and joyful like that!

  • Inertial crawling octopus children playing, wind-up clockwork bath toys for baby

A cute baby bath toy with no electricity. The novelty leg design vividly restores the crawling form through the simple and interesting six-leg linkage, attracting the baby's attention at the first sight. With a gentle twist, this octopus can float and swim in the water without electricity. Moreover, when being tied on a leash, this will be the first special pet of babies, following them anywhere. Exquisite design and smooth material, entirely safe for baby.
There are thousands of winged compliments on this novelty children play. “Super cute. Kids love it. Five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️” - Calantha reviewed.


  • Two cute head snail spray

Replacing the trivial traditional faucet, this bath toy in the shape of an adorable snail, with the creative design of double head showers is soft and flexible to be adjusted to any direction you need, making the bath time more convenient and enjoyable. Smooth in every detail. You can entirely believe its safety.
A customer named Douglas commented “Very fun, the baby likes it very much and prefers to take a bath.

  • Electric bubble cartoon maker

Making a bathtub become a dreamy bubble world for your baby with this electric bubble cartoon maker. There are various shapes of adorable cartoon animals for you to choose from: duck, frog, crab and dinosaur. Just firmly fix the bath toy on the bathtub or on the bathroom wall, then simply pour the solution into the reservoir and push the button- watch exciting bubbles pour out of its mouth in a continuous stream!
“Great, it makes music and lots of bubbles. They love it!”- said Galvin


  • Adorable trolley box with a variety of bath toy functions inside

A bath toy suitcase contains many water toys inside. In addition to making an exciting bath toy in the bathroom, this travel box is especially suitable for baby’s play on the beach in such a hot summer. The set of bath toys seems to bring endless entertainment to your baby.

"My daughter invites her friends to play together, the toy is so funny, quality is good." Joe shared


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