If you are a new parent wondering what blanket is suitable for your baby, this article is for you.

We know your feeling now.
For the first time becoming a parent, everyone seems to be extremely nervous. Thousands of questions are jumping in their mind. Being unready, stuck among plenty of what is essential and suitable for baby.
The first and foremost concern when choosing a baby blanket is quality. It’s meanless to choose a blanket which is eye-catching designed but poor-quality and unsafe for baby skin.
Next, the design is also important. Of course, each of us loves beauty, loveliness and they make us feel comfortable. The blanket, along with other items in your room, partly decides how you feel during the period of taking care of baby. Hmm, imagine how you are going on when “struggling” with a crying baby in a chaotic space with thousands of dusty, ugly kinds of stuff?
And an also important point is convenience. You need to know that a baby blanket is just for night sleep, it’s also for swaddling, receiving, cuddling, stroller cover, nursing cover, or as a play mat, etc. Thus, a set of blankets with several sizes will the best choice.

The top 10 blankets below are highly recommended that you can consider.

  • Personalized baby blanket, baby dinosaurs blankets

Engraving the adorable dinosaurs, the personalized blanket brings feelings of loveliness, freshness, and joy. The baby dinosaurs with gorgeous colors are striking on the white blanket, which might help the baby develop his/her ability to recognize colors or stuff around him/her. The baby name is also print thoroughly, in artistic fonts. Of course, this cute design is totally suitable for a baby room.

  • Personalized baby blankets, winter woodland forest animals blanket for baby

Bringing the images of many kinds of woodland forest animals, this personalized blanket partly stimulates the curiosity of babies about the world and animals. A delicate color for any parents who are not interested in colorful or confusing design.

  • Personalized blanket for baby girl, unicorn blankets

In pink color, this personalized blanket for baby looks so sweet, melting anyone looking at it. the special appearance of the famous “character”- unicorn makes the blanket more attractive. There seem to be no words to describe this loveliness! Also, the unicorn is believed to bring happiness, optimism and luck to you and your loved ones.

  • Personalized baby blankets, custom cat blanket for baby

A fascinating item for any parent who is cat lovers. An interesting idea when there is a moody white cat peeking behind your baby's name. The design attracts the baby’s attention and nurtures the pet-loving emotions for your loved baby.

  • Personalized baby blankets flowers by month, birth flowers blanket for baby

It’s known that flowers are considered a sweet gift on any occasion, containing love, respect or congratulations, etc. The birth flowers are more special when being themselves symbols for features of people born in a certain month. A customized blanket for baby with a birth flower conveys many special meanings. Also, it is believed to brings happiness, luck to you.

  • Personalized baby blankets, cute fox blankets for baby


Looking at the fox, we usually think about intelligence, attractiveness, loveliness and agility. The blanket spreads the power, energetics to your baby’s room. The mild color is suitable with any room design.

  • Personalized baby blankets, photo blankets for baby

In addition to adding your baby’s name, this is also a significant photo collage that helps you save precious moments of your loved baby. With around 27 photos in a heart-shaped frame, the personalized blanket for baby looks sweet, subtle, and aesthetic. More especially can upload each of your own photos and preview them before buying.

  • Milestone blankets, personalized blanket for babies, safari animal baby blankets

A must-have item for any baby. It’s your mistake if your loved baby doesn’t have at least a blanket like this. Not only a functional blanket for daily use, but this is also a perfect backdrop to mark and capture your baby’s growth throughout their first year of life. Such precious moments can’t be missed!
A more distinctive point of this milestone blanket from others is that you can customize it by engraving your baby’s name.

  • Personalized baby blankets girl, elephant blankets for baby girls/boys

These blankets are gifts for your baby with messages of love. Not only your baby’s name, but you can also choose your message to the baby from the quote options, or you can choose your own quote and contact the store so that they make it for you.

  • Personalized baby blanket girl, pink flamingo blankets

The image of a pink flamingo is believed to bring plenty of love, luck, and happiness to the baby. The bright color, personally, super suitable for newborns, infants.

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