Fleece blanket or Sherpa blanket? What is the best choice?

       A cute personalized baby blanket for a newborn baby will be a special gift to welcome an angel to the world. 

      However, there are many types of blankets with different fabrics, so it's too hard to choose the right one that is suitable for your needs. So, in this article, we will help you distinguish between two types of blankets that are popular on the market.

1. Distinguish between Sherpa blanket and fleece blanket

1.1. Definition of fleece fabric and Sherpa fabric

  • Fleece fabric is made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or other synthetic fibers, woven and brushed into a lightweight fabric. Other materials can be added to the fabric like natural fibers, like wool, or recycled fibers, like recycled PET plastic.


Fleece fabric
  • Sherpa fabric is a curly piled structure made of synthetic yarns like acrylic or polyester. 
Sherpa fabric1.2.  What is the difference between fleece and Sherpa?
  • Both Fleece and Sherpa are 100% synthetic materials having features of wool. Both of them are soft, warm, and breathable. However, there are subtle differences between the fleece and the Sherpa fabric.
Category Sherpa Fleece
Origin Polyester fibers Polyester & cotton, Lycra fibers
Years of use Approx. 40 Approx. 40
Texture Soft and can be rough Soft and can be rough, waterproof, and stretchable
Application More for lining than anything else Used in a variety of products
Warmth Very warm material Not as warm as Sherpa except maybe polar fleece
Cleaning Cold water wash, no dryer Cold water wash, no dryer
 Look  Can be fluffy Usually smooth and thin


1.3. Difference between fleece blanket and Sherpa blanket

  •  A fleece blanket can be made from different types of fabric instead of Sherpa,  and a Sherpa material can also be used in a standard fleece blanket. A fleece blanket can either use one type of fleece or the other, but a Sherpa type requires both. 
Fleece blanket
  • Sherpa is a type of fleece, so a Sherpa blanket can be called Sherpa fleece blankets. The main difference is that a Sherpa fleece blanket is double-sided and tends to be softer. Hence the Sherpa fleece blanket is warmer than the fleece blanket.
Sherpa fleece blanket

2. What the Sherpa fleece blanket or the fleece blanket is the best choice?

  • Both types of blankets are light, soft, and friendly to the surface of our skin, so depending on the purpose of use,  you can choose a suitable blanket.
  • If you use a baby blanket as a baby bedsheet in the summer or use it as a milestone background for a baby to take photos, fleece blankets are a perfect choice. This blanket is also suitable for spring and autumn coverage.
  • The Sherpa fleece blanket is often softer and warmer than other types of fleece blankets. Furthermore, Sherpa material has many qualities of wool, but it is not as costly as natural fiber. So here is the best choice for a winter blanket or a winter baby bedsheet.

    3. Personalized baby blanket trending

    • Personalized gifts are more and more popular, with the rapid development of e-commerce sites so you can quickly and easily search and choose to buy.
    • The personalized baby blanket is a great idea gift for a baby shower, birthday. Let check out some of our custom blanket suggestions.
    - This cute personalized baby milestone blanket is the perfect background for baby shower photos)

      Personalized milestone fleece blanket for baby


       - A personalized baby blanket for boy,  custom farm blanket)

      Personalized baby blanket for boy- Personalized baby blankets girl, little princess blanket)

      personalized baby blanket for girl



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