Baby shower games


A baby shower is a great reason for family members, friends, and colleagues to get together. The best baby showers are those where the conversation is animated and time seems to fly. And nothing is better than a few well-chosen baby shower games. Right here, we have rounded up your favorites from co-ed baby shower games for all guests to enjoy, to easy baby shower games for you to pull off in a notice. In addition, some unique games that’ll create impressions to the most prissy guests. Take a look to find out fun baby shower game ideas and how to play each game below.

Guess who?


The baby shower game is an excellent icebreaker that is useful to connect all guests who haven’t met before.

How to play: When you send the invitation to all the guests, you need to ask everyone to bring a baby photo and collect all the photos before starting the party. With this baby shower game, tape the pictures around the room with a number attached to each one. Then, ask every attendee to match the baby photos with the correct guest. 

Who knows mommy best?


This funny game is easy for a small group or even a big crowd as it doesn’t take much time for preparation. 

How to play:  All people sit gather ground and try to prove who knows the most about the mom-to-be. For the game, find out as much as possible about the mother-to-be’s childhood and collect them into a list. Then read the list loudly and write your questions and her answers down on a sheet of paper, and don’t show anyone. If it matches with each other that means correct. Who has the highest number of correct answers wins. It will make a lot of laughs and remind everybody of the closed relationship.

The Left Right game


It is one of the most popular baby shower games, it’s not just the expectant mother who gets presents. This game is fast-paced, exciting, and ends in a surprising prize for the lucky winner.

How to play: Wrap up a prize that’s light and small enough to pass around with the words “left” and “right” on the covers. Your guests have pulled their chairs into a circle. Once they’re situated, give a wrapped prize to a guest and start reading the story out loud. Every time you read the story and when the words “left” or “right” are mentioned, guests have to pass the prize either to their left or right. The person who is holding the prize when the story ends will get to keep it.

Mommy and Daddy game


Are you looking for the best baby shower games for couples? Mom and dad game might top the list. All your guests play a fun Mom vs. Dad quiz, and then the expectant parents will weigh in with their responses.

How to play: Firstly, collect and print a list of 10 to 20 questions related to Mom or Dad. For example, who will take on a mission is changing the diaper for the baby? Who has gotten at least eight hours of sleep every night? Who does always housework at weekend? Print them out and have enough copies for all the guests. Secondly, Mom and Dad stand in front, read the questions out loud and wait for the guests’ answers. Finally, Whoever answers the most correctly gets a prize.

The price is right baby shower game


Everybody knows that having a baby is very expensive, but how much do baby supplies really cost? Through this game, you could see which guests are know-how shoppers. It’s one of the most common baby shower games around.

How to play: How to prepare for it. Write down a list of baby items and specific quantities in detail on a sheet and make enough copies for all guests. Each guest writes down what they think each retails for and then has a total price they guess. Lastly, Whoever gets closest to the correct total will be a winner. 

Baby shower games with balloons


Nothing especially feels more festive than baby shower games with balloons. This game gives us a new meaning to the phrase “she’s about to pop.” It makes entertaining with a coed group, and need to the team-work during play.

How to play: Prepare enough balloons and pins for the guests. How interesting it is when you’re making lots of noise at the party. Split the guests into teams of four or five and give each guest a balloon first. When the planner says to start the game, the first person from each team must blow up their balloon and stick it under their shirt. Once they have done, the second one on each team does the same, then the third, and so on. Just after all team members have ballooned under their shirts, the first person must use a pin to pop their balloon through their shirt, then the second, and the third, etc. The first team that blows up and pops all the balloons the fastest will become a champion. Or the second option, you prefer not to use pins, they can try to bump their bellies against each other to burst the balloons.

Baby shower games prize gift


Baby shower gifts for winning games are traditionally offered to the winners. Don’t be worry, the prizes may be simple and affordable not too expensive. Just make your guests fun and create a special moment as the reason that they join in your party is not receiving gifts. So what are good baby shower gifts for guests? Find the cheerful items that are practical or tie in with your baby shower theme that your guests will really want to win. Some baby shower party favors which you can consider get, for instance: some customized gifts (mugs, T-shirt, canvas, etc.), mini body kinds of butter, small relief candles, memorized coasters, mini flowers cookie packs, soap favors, bath bombs, gift-worthy cards.