Congratulations, mama!

Becoming a mom is the most sacred thing of a woman. There seem no words to express happiness when receiving the baby news. A baby’s appearance strengthens the bond among family members, changes the life of the couple. Becoming a mom makes you a more thoughtful, sensible, and stronger woman.
Now start to be acquainted with the new responsibility, the changes in both mental and physical body. We reckon you’ve been fighting your way through morning sickness and your to-do list. But now it’s time to tell your husband and parents!

We’d like to give endless inspiration about how to announce your pregnancy to your boyfriends, husband, parents!


  • Dad Level Unlock T-shirt

Giving your loved husband this funny t-shirt to imply the baby’s arrival to him. The dad shirt in vintage style, along with a game console helps you reveal to your hubby that in the love game, “dad level” has been “unlocked”- “are you ready to be a dad?”


  • Baby announcement mug for dad

A significant coffee mug for dad with a letter of baby’s love to dad and mom. A greeting of the baby who is on the way to this life. The baby announcement gift for dads-to-be will make your husband surprised and emotional when receiving.


  • Personalized dad mug

A cute dad mug as a “hello” from baby to his/her father. The eye-catching mug for dad with the saying “I can’t wait to meet you” stimulates the dad’s excitement and expectation for the baby coming. He must put a smile on his lips whenever seeing this lovely daddy mug.


  • Grandad's little helper baby onesies

For a special pregnancy reveal gift for grandpa, this baby onesie is extremely ideal. This gift is an announcement that grandpa is about to have a grandson- a little helper for him. The bright onesies for baby boys with lovely patterns will melt the receivers at the first sight.


  • Grandma's little helper baby onesies

This will be a sweet gift for grandma to reveal to her about your pregnancy. She must be extremely emotional when her little girl now becomes a mom and she is about to be a grandma of a little girl. The sweet design with patterns of kitchen tools makes anyone exclaim “incredibly lovely”.


  • Baby coming soon onesies

A basic but artistic baby onesie when using watercolor to engrave the baby’s name. Besides, your due month is also revealed on the onesies. This will be a subtle baby announcement gift for your loved ones to inform them about the baby coming.


  • Family with pet onesie for babies

For any family owning a pet, this baby onesie will make a stunning baby reveal gift for everyone. The saying on the onesie for baby implies that the cute pet is about to have a sibling- there is a new family member coming.


  • Personalized canvas for dad

Instead of a simple ultrasound or a pregnancy check, you can reveal the baby coming to your hubby just by this delicate canvas. In addition to your own ultrasound uploaded, the canvas is like a message of sentiment, the pride of a baby sent to dad.


  • Personalized poster for grandparents

Imagine how amazed your parents will move to when receiving this special gift? An announcement to your parents that they excellently get promoted to grandparents. For them, there may be no greater gift from you than a grandkid.


  • Daddy's new fishing buddy clothes set

This will be an exciting baby announcement gift for your husband who is keen on fishing. A clothes set conveys the fascinating news that he is about to get a new little buddy- a companion on his passion.


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