It’s proven that playing with water can promote the baby's intelligence and physics development. The bath toys can not only promote the baby’s growth, but also develop the baby’s interaction with others around. Parents and mothers can play with their baby and have close interaction. However, it’s only true when you-moms choose the right toys. Not just functional, the baby bath toy also has to be safe for baby and environmentally friendly.

It’s time to discover creative bath toys for this summer:

  • Cute pig cartoon splash water

The creative bath toys with no electricity. The water toys are super cute in the shape of adorable animals such as pigs, cows, unicorns, bunnies. The smart design with a clockwork pulled by a rope stimulates the baby’s hand-eye coordination. Pull the rope and the cute baby toys will swim in the water. Moreover, just with a light choke, the adorable animal will spray the water. The smooth pig cartoon splash water with no burrs makes no damage to the baby.


  • Interesting whale toys for kids

An interesting whale toy for kids with flashing lights. Placed on the water, the bath toy will automatically spray water. There is an additional base model (optional) with wheels that make the whole toy move on the ground. This base combines music and colorful flashing lights. Active with 3 AAA batteries.


  • Magical cartoon eggs, great gift for kids

One of the loveliest bath toys for baby that have ever been seen. Putting the duck’s egg into the water, it is gradually broken and a little duckling appears. Similar to other animals such as penguins, dinosaurs. Super smooth in each detail, entirely safe for baby skin.


  • Variety types of colorful & funny electric bath shower

Firmly attached to the top of the container with 2 suction cups, this will be a creative faucet for baby of different ages. Keep pushing the big button, the water will spray. The funny bath shower promotes the baby’s hand-eye coordination and improves sensory ability. Various colors and shapes. Smooth material. Baby bathing has never been easy like that!


  • Cute cartoon tortoise swim around

Imagine how the bathtime will become joyful when there is a super cute emoji turtle swimming around the bathtub. Simple design with clockwork. Not only swimming in the water, but these lovely turtles can also crawl above the land.


  • Cute bath toys penguin swim around

The best swimming wind-up toy has a superexcellent buoyancy! Much like the tortoises above, these wind-up bath toys can both swim in the water and walk on the floor. Basic design with a cute look and proper size for baby fingers.


  • Bath toys automatic water spray with flashing

Naturally attracting the baby's attention with automatic spray of water and colorful flashing lights, this luminous bath toy becomes very popular among children. The bath toy has a cute look in the shape of a baby octopus. When taken out of the water, it will stop immediately without manipulation.


  • Bath toys duck, dinosaur waterwheel for kids

This must be a stunning bath toy which helps promote the baby’s hand-eye coordination, mental and musculoskeletal natural development, shape cognition, behavior recognition and other skills.


  • Bath toys spray water toy, wind up boat toys for kids

A creative boat combined from 4 different parts. The child can assemble them to make a complete boat on their own idea. The colorful shape helps develop the baby’s cognition. The multiple playing methods with rotating, fishing, spraying will bring children a lot of fun while bathing.


  • Cute water splash tunnel toys for kids

Exercise visual exception and develop hands-on ability for baby with this water splash tunnel toy in the shape of cartoon animals .With several buttons that can be pushed or twisted, the water can be sprayed in different methods.


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